5 Tell-Tale Signs You Need Pool Cleaning in Sarasota

December 1, 2021

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If you’ve been putting off pool cleaning in Sarasota, it’s time to call a pool service professional near you! The longer you ignore needed cleaning, the dirtier that pool water becomes. This also means more stress on the pump and filter as well.

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Layers of unsightly sand and grit at the bottom of the pool or along the water’s surface are obvious signs that it’s time for pool cleaning in Sarasota. However, you might check out 5 other indicators that you need to call a pool care pro for high-quality cleaning services.

1. Discolored Water Means It’s Time for Pool Cleaning in Sarasota!

Algae growth usually turns water green or slightly brown, both of which indicate it’s time for professional pool cleaning in Sarasota. Algae make the water unhealthy for swimming, clogs the filter, and causes the pump to work harder.

If your pool is affected by algae growth repeatedly, it’s probably time to talk to a pool care professional. Your pool might need a cover to protect it from rain, or a better filtration system. There might also be a chemical imbalance that allows algae to return even after a thorough cleaning.

2. Don’t Just Skim Insects, But Schedule Cleaning as Needed

If your pool seems to be home to more insects than humans, it’s time for cleaning! Algae and other organisms in the water attract bugs; these can then die in the water and create an unhealthy pool environment. As with excessive algae growth, it’s vital you determine why your pool always hosts unwanted insects and adjust the chemicals or make other changes as needed.

3. Eye and Skin Irritation Mean It’s Time for Pro Pool Cleaning

Too much chlorine or another chemical imbalance can cause skin and eye irritation in the pool. However, a buildup of algae, dirt, dust, dead insects and other bothersome debris can also mean an uncomfortable swimming experience!

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Never assume that your skin or eyes are just overly sensitive or that this irritation is normal. Instead, have the pool cleaned thoroughly and check the chemical levels, so you can enjoy a comfortable and relaxing swim without irritation.

4. Foamy Buildup? Schedule a Professional Pool Cleaning!

Foamy buildup around the water’s edge usually indicates it’s time for a professional cleaning. This foam might result from a chemical imbalance, sunscreen and other oils in the water, or bacteria. A clogged filter can also mean foam and even bubbles around the water’s edge.

As with other causes of unhealthy water, it’s vital you pinpoint the reason for foamy buildup in your pool. Ensure everyone rinses off their sunscreen before going in, and use a waterproof lotion instead. The same goes for hair care products and body oils! Check the filter for clogging and consider an upgrade as needed.

5. Prematurely Damaged Pump or Filter? Time for Sarasota Pool Cleaning!

Every pool pump and filter has an expected lifespan, after which they will need repair or replacement. Filters, of course, also need regular cleaning and emptying.

If your pool’s pump and filter constantly need repairs well before they should, this usually indicates that your pool needs more consistent cleaning. Remember that dirty water is harder for a pump to push through the filter, and the more dirt in the water, the harder the filter must work!

While low-quality pumps and filters might shut down prematurely, don’t run out and buy new equipment until you’ve at least tried a professional pool cleaning. Removing dirt, sand, dust, oils, and other debris can allow the pump to work optimally and help keep the filter clean and operating efficiently as well.

Clean the Pool Regularly, and Especially Before Opening It to Guests!

While it’s vital you schedule pool cleaning in Sarasota if you notice any of these issues, you also want to enjoy a clean and pristine pool every time you use it! Many property owners in Florida use their pool year-round, which means an increased risk of dirt and oil buildup and more wear and tear on the filter and pump.

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If your pool is used constantly throughout the year, consider closing it for a few days every 2 or 3 months for a thorough cleaning, chemical testing, and other needed services. This ensures a safe, hygienic pool for you and your family.

It’s also vital to have the pool cleaned before you open it for guests. For example, if you’re known for your Labor Day or Fourth of July barbecues and pool parties, schedule a professional cleaning a week or so beforehand. Your guests will then enjoy a safe and comfortable swim when they visit.

Sarasota Pool Service Pros is happy to provide this information about needed pool cleaning in Sarasota to our readers and hope you found it helpful. When it’s time for cleaning, chemical testing, or repairs, call our trusted Sarasota pool service contractors. We offer FREE quotes and expert services you can trust, so call today!

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