RED FLAGS: Do You Need Swimming Pool Repair in Sarasota?

November 24, 2020

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Never put off needed swimming pool repair in Sarasota! Pool leaks risk water damage to your property, while also wasting water and spiking your pool usage costs. Damaged filters and heaters often draw more power as they work, also increasing those costs. Broken heaters and filters also mean a dirty, uncomfortable pool!

Damaged equipment, leaks, cracks, and other issues also tend to get more extensive and costlier to fix the longer they’re ignored. To ensure you keep your pool in good repair and looking its best throughout the year, note a few red flags that you need swimming pool repair in Sarasota and why this work is often more vital than homeowners realize.

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Swimming Pool Repair in Sarasota for Uneven Heating

A homeowner should realize that it does take several hours to heat the thousands of gallons of water in a home’s pool, and a pool’s heater takes even longer to work the larger the pool and cooler the outside temps! However, a pool heater should cycle on once the weather starts to cool down and continue working as needed to keep water at your desired temperature.

While consistently cool water might indicate that you need to adjust the heater so that it cycles on sooner and stays on longer, uneven heating often means that it’s time for pool repair in Sarasota. A pool heater works by absorbing heat from the air around the pool, turning that heat into a gas which is then run through a compressor. That gas is then compressed, making it even warmer, and passed over water as it circulates through the filtration system.

That warm water is then sent back to the pool, and this cycle should continue as long as needed for pool water to read your desired temperature. Uneven heating can then mean a damaged compressor, damaged piping, or a broken pool pump. Whatever the case, schedule fixes right away so that the equipment is not working overtime and you can enjoy a comfortable pool once again.

Wall Cracks Signal Immediate Pool Repairs in Sarasota!

Cracks along pool walls let water leak out of the pool; that water is then absorbed into the soil around it. This might not seem like a serious issue but overly moist soil often leads to foundation cracks, which are sometimes costly to repair. Foundation cracks also allow moisture into your home, leading to framework damage and the risk of mold growth.

Remember, too, that pool water contains chlorine and other chemicals meant to kill algae while also keeping that water clean and hygienic. Those chemicals are typically very damaging to your home’s lawn and landscaping features! Ignoring a pool leak can then mean a brown, wilted lawn and other vegetation.

A cracked pool wall or floor is also typically weaker than it should be, so that it can eventually start to buckle, heave, or sink in certain areas. This can lead to even larger, costlier pool damage! To avoid these risks and more extensive damage, schedule immediate pool repairs in Sarasota as soon as you notice cracks along pool walls and floors.

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Why Schedule Sarasota Pool Repairs for Broken Lights

Broken pool lights might seem like nothing more than an inconvenience, but there are two very good reasons to schedule Sarasota pool repairs if its lights are not working properly. One reason is that broken lights might indicate an electrical issue; since water is a great conductor of electricity, it’s vital that you ensure your pool is safe from electrical shock risks!

Along with electrical shocks, the second reason to schedule pool repairs for broken lights is the risk of accidents; a person might stumble into the water or scrape their skin on the pool deck while getting in or out of the pool simply because of poor lighting. It’s also vital that a pool stay lit properly so you can monitor the water for children, animals, and even pests or wildlife who shouldn’t be in the pool! To ensure safe swimming conditions, schedule pool repair in Sarasota for broken lights as quickly as possible.

Why You Need Pool Repair in Sarasota for Unclean Water

Even if you keep up with adding chlorine to the water, your pool still needs regular cleaning including skimming and vacuuming. Pools near the beach, or on properties with mature trees that drop lots of debris, often get dirty faster than the pump and filter can manage. Also, the more often you skim and vacuum, the less wear and tear on that pump and filter!

However, if your pool is dirty consistently, it’s probably time for Sarasota pool repairs. The pool pump might be undersized or damaged and struggling to push water through the filter, or the filter itself might be clogged or otherwise damaged. If you hear strange sounds coming from your pool’s machinery, this often indicates a broken pump struggling to work.

A dirty pool can also indicate cracked piping. Water flowing through the filter runs through various pipes; if those pipes or their connectors are cracked or damaged, this allows in dirt and sediment that gets deposited back into the pool with that filtered water. Those cracks also let water leak out, which is another reason to schedule pool repair in Sarasota when you notice its water is constantly dirty.

When the Pool Needs Resurfacing Rather Than Repairs

Pool resurfacing, as the name implies, means putting a fresh topcoat over the pool itself. This topcoat restores a pool’s appearance and feeling underfoot, while also filling in minor cracks and other such damage.

Signs that it’s time for pool resurfacing in Sarasota include rough patches around the pool’s flooring, a chalky texture, and stains that won’t come clean even with vigorous scrubbing. Rough and chalky areas often indicate that the current surface materials are breaking down and disintegrating, and stains are typically the result of too much algae or even pool chemicals, which also break down it’s coating.

It’s also good to schedule pool resurfacing in Sarasota if the current color or design is faded, discolored, or simply outdated. Resurfacing offers a fresh, updated appearance and a more comfortable surface underfoot, for a more attractive, enjoyable swimming experience!

A Word From Our Pool Service Professionals

Sarasota Pool Service Pros is proud to present this material and of the work offered by our local pool contractors. If you need pool repair services in Sarasota or any of its surrounding cities, give us a call! We are the area’s leading provider of pool repairs and stand behind all our work with an ironclad guarantee you can trust.




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